304 Stainless Steel 4” Double Clamped Ferrule 360° Rotary CIP Ball

- Serial number: CC2101 - Cleaning & Sterilization   |   CIP Balls       -   Cleaning & Sterilizations


- Material: Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel

- Bigger Ferrule Diameter: 4”

- Smaller Ferrule Diameter: 50.5mm

- Ball Diameter: 53mm

- Spray Pattern: 360°

- Max Effective Radius: 600mm

- Working pressure: 2Bar

- Surface Finish: Mirror Polish


- Used for Various Tanks in Brewery, including Nano Brewery and Micro Brewery

- Not Only for Installed Fixed Tanks, But Also for Mobile Tanks

- Strong and Reliable, not Easy to be Broken

- Eco and Smooth Surface Finish, no Burrs and Edges

- Ferrule Terminal Must Work with Neck and Tri-Clamp

- Length of Any Parts Can be Customized as Demand

- Internal Diameter of Smaller Ferrule Can be Customized as Demand

- More Sizes for Ferrules (Tri-Clover) and Balls Can be Customized as Demand

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