3-Neck 3gal 10L Cleaning Keg

- Serial number: CD0102 - Cleaning & Sterilization   |   Cleaning Kegs       -   Cleaning & Sterilization


- Material: Food Grade AISI 304 / SUS 304 / 1.4301

- Capacity: 3gal / 10L

- Diameter: 229mm

- Height: 345mm

- Working Pressure: 4Bar / 60PSI

- Max Pressure: 6.3Bar / 90PSI

- Relief Valve: Yes (Installed the Top Cover)


- Used for Cleaning Various Taps and Hoses in the Brew Pub and Bars

- Neck Thread 2” x 14TPI, Compatible with A, S, D, G, M and Other Spear Fitting

- Can Clean 3 Different Connection at Same Time

- Advanced Deep Drawing Technology Provided by BestFriends

- Smooth and Straight Welding Seam for Middle

- E-Polishing Surface Finish for Both Sides

- Safety Touch for Handle, no Burrs and Edges

- Can Wash Inside by Hand Through the Hole, A Cleaning Machine is Not Necessary

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