Homebrew Stainless Steel 304 Dry Hopper with Lid Hop Filter - 70x180mm

- Serial number: EG0101 - Filters   |   Filtration Cups       -   Filters


- Material: Food Grade AISI 304 / SUS 304 / 1.4301

- Mesh Quantity per Square Inch: 50

- Diameter of Mesh: 300 Micron

- Diameter: 70mm

- Height: 180mm


- With Lid Design, Can be Used for Sealed Container for Brewing

- Best for Leaf Hops or Pellet Hops to Reduce Hop Residue to Generate Purest Flavor

- Premium Eco and Smooth Surface Finish

- Keep Debris Away from Wort, Pumps, Chillers and Others in Order to Generate Clear Beer

- Resistance of Acid, Alkali and High Temperature

- Use for Beer, Wine and Other Brew Product

- Not Only for Homebrew, Micro-brewery and Nano-brewery Are Also Suitable

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