4”A Type Party Pump Dispenser Coupler with Tower Tap

- Serial number: HG2101 - Bar & Tapping   |   Beer Pumps       -   Beer Pumps


- Dispenser Material: Food Grade AISI 304 / SUS 304 / 1.4301

- Pump Material: Chrome Plated Brass

- Handle Material: Plastic

- Pump Length: 4 Inches

- Liquid Out Connection: Stainless Steel 304 Fixed Tower Tap

- Safety Relief Valve: No


- Fixed Tap, Easy to Tap Use Single Hand

- Light and Portable

- No Risk for Rust

- Suitable for Picnic Party or Other Occasion without CO2 Tank

- Use Air instead of CO2 to Push Beer (Liquid) out of Keg (Container)

- Must Use Up Beer Within One Day (Or Short Time), Or Beer Will be Oxidized

- Fit for Flat A Type Spear (Fitting) Only

- Strong and Lifetime Warranty

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