N1 Tapping System for Growler

- Serial number: HG2117 - Bar & Tapping   |   Tapping Systems       -   Tapping Systems


- Base Material: Food Grade AISI 304 / SUS 304 / 1.4301

- Base Connection: Extended Shank for Faucet Tap

- Surface Finish: Mirror Polish

- Tap Type: Nitro Tap / Stout Tap / Cream Tap/ Pipe Tap / Non-Adjustable Tap

- Cartridge: Non-Thread 8g

- System Relief Valve: No, Relief Hole Instead

- Flow Control Valve: Optional, Depends on Tap Type


- Use for Nitro Coffee, Nitro Tea and Stout Beer Mostly

- Multiple Faucet Taps Optional, Can Use for Soda or Beer sometimes

- Detachable Connector Design (Portable and Clean Separately)

- Beautiful and Compact Size

- Eco and Smooth Surface Finish, no Burrs and Edges

- Work with All Models Growler (with or without Insulation)

- Hose Length Depends on the Size of Growler

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